Monday, 6 May 2013


Sadly, the Little Owl is not in Buchan.  The furthest North is the Borders of Scotland.  But having seen this photograph, I could not resist.  Needless to say, the Little Owls do not tend to be this colour, but if you look closely - they are!

Oyster Catchers

One of my favourite sea birds.

Watercolour, pen and ink, a variety of approaches and media.  All my paintings are for sale.  Just ask if you are interested.  Mounted only are wrapped in cellophane for you to choose your own frame, and are therefore considerably cheaper than framed.  I can give you the size of the finished painting if you are interested.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Other peoples beasts.

We do have greyhounds in the North East of Scotland, the area of Buchan, where I live, hence the blog title, I am sure has many.  A neighbour walks two and trains them, he gets to keep one to himself, and the other goes off to a racing 'stable'.

The one I did a painting of actually lives in Lincolnshire and is owned by a friend of mine.  Not a dog person myself, I do enjoy drawing and painting greyhounds and whippets, there is just something about them that appeals.  But I dont think they would mix well with cats....

Harvey, painting of, has gone to his owner.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hen Obsession.

One of my favourite subjects to paint are hens.


I mainly use water colour, but also enjoy using pen and ink.

We used to keep hens and I found them fascinating.